Bulk onion powder

Bulk powder and slices of onion

Piar is one of the raw materials of most Iranian foods among vegetables, which contains a variety of vitamins, plant insulin as a regulator of blood sugar, as well as essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Due to the nutritional properties of onions and also the time consuming process of its preparation and cooking, by producing dried onions, it has taken a step towards changing the culture of using this product and making it easier for families to consume. Therefore, after supplying fresh onions from sources Known and quality tests and approval by the quality control unit, produces a processed product in two forms of powder and onion slices. Products in the final stage using modern packaging methods, while maintaining the characteristics Naturally, they are offered in a different way to the consumer basket of families.

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onion powder


This powder is a kind of flavoring spice, onion powder is used in foods such as chips and onions or some mayonnaise. Onion powder is also great for preparing hot onions for cooking or some other food, onions are a great flavoring for food. Onion powder, due to its shape, is very suitable for giving the final taste to food. Grandis onion powder can be supplied from weights under one kilo to several tons and compared to other onion powders, due to the special type of drying, it has a good taste and aroma while preserving its color.

Properties of onion powder for health:

  • Perhaps one of the extraordinary properties of onion can be considered its anti-cancer properties, this fruit has a lot of cancer due to the presence of some antioxidants in it and prevents cardiovascular cancers.

  • There are different types of cholesterol, there is a good amount of cholesterol in onions that causes the consumption of onion powder.

  • Another benefit of onion powder is that it eliminates free radicals in the body, which can also be good for stomach ailments and prevent ulcers or swelling.

  • Onions are very good for people with diabetes. This fruit contains a substance called “cream” that regulates blood sugar levels.

  • Onions increase the absorption of vitamin C in the human body, this fruit increases the function of this vitamin to lighten the skin and help maintain hair quality.

  • Another property of onion powder is the reduction of DNA damage, which has increased these days due to the presence of highly mobile electromagnetic waves.


White and yellow onion granules of Grandis


Onions contain some key nutrients such as vitamin C, manganese, potassium and dietary fiber. This feature makes them a natural antibiotic and anti-cancer agent. As a food item, onions are usually served cooked or pickled. Onions are commonly used as a base flavoring in many recipes, so keeping some dried onions in the kitchen is very helpful. Dried onions are very easy to use, and the fact that they are already chopped and sliced saves time in preparing food, while also keeping them easier.

For full flavor, yellow onions are used for everyday use. When caramelized, the yellow onions turn dark brown and give the soup a sweet taste. On the other hand, white onion has a sharp and sharp taste, however, its consumption is similar to yellow onion. White onions are easily chopped and added to the sauce.