First grade shallot granules

First grade onion shallots


Due to its unground shape, shallotgranules retain the quality and freshness of shallots and will provide the user with a special and delicious freshness of shallots when used. It is worth mentioning that the production of garlic and shallot granules is done by automatic machines and is done in a completely hygienic and irradiated environment.


Shallot, also known as mountain garlic or clover, is a garlic-like plant whose roots resemble a large, solid onion. The leaves of the shallot are long and narrow, and the flowers are purple-red. It may be interesting to know that about 40 species of this plant are known in the world, all of which grow in temperate and coastal areas, and some species of shallots are also used in the garden as ornamental flowers.


Shallot granules


You can always and easily add shallots to your yogurt and food with Grandis shallot granules. The smell of shallots is not as strong as the smell of garlic, so it is usually consumed more than garlic. Shallot seasoning is one of the tasty seasonings whose cool and pleasant taste will remain in the mouth for a long time.


Bulk shallot granules


Shallot granules have unique flavors and properties such as disinfectant The digestive system is “Grandis” by collecting quality species of this plant and using modern machinery, has processed a family of products that while observing the necessary quality standards and hygienic principles, all the nutrients and characteristics Its taste is preserved and complementary The food basketof families and can be consumed in food, dairy and … factories.

Shallots are very good for digestion and are an excellent source of vitamin C and minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium. Shallots prevent blood clots and regulate blood pressure. The granules are made from dried shallots and are very easy to add to food due to the packaging of the grandis. This plant has many medicinal properties such as lowering blood sugar in people with diabetes. It is also used for properties such as general strengthening of the body, appetite, lowering blood pressure, disinfecting the gastrointestinal tract (eliminating painful contractions of the stomach and intestines) and disrupting, disinfecting, scaling, relieving atherosclerosis, relieving shortness of breath, tremors and Used in neurological diseases.


Who are the customers of dried shallots?

  • Use dried shallots and turn them into shallot powder

  • Use of shallots for traditional medicine and its healing and anti-cancer properties

  • Use shallots as a spice

  • Use in all kinds of pickles

  • Use in dairy