mashed potatoes


mashed potatoes

ingredients :

Baked potatoes: 300 gr

milk: 2 cup

Softened butter: 50 gr

Cream: 100 gr

Angelica Grandis Powder: two tablespoon

Grandis black and red pepper: Half a teaspoon

Chopped and fresh parsley leaves: 3 tablespoon


Grandis Garlic Powder: 1 tablespoon

Salt and dill grandis: enough

Puree the cooked potatoes as finely as possible with a mixer or grater. Pour them into a saucepan and add cold milk. In a separate frying pan, fry the garlic powder, black pepper powder, red pepper powder and angelica grandis powder together with the butter on a low heat and add it to the potato and milk dish and stir constantly until the puree thickens to the desired amount. . Finely chopped parsley leaves, salt powder, add grandis and cream to the puree and serve in a suitable dish.

Enjoy your meal

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