About us

Lahel Bahar Hamedan Food Industry Company

Laleh Bahar Hamedan Food Industries Company, with registration number 151, was registered in 1378 on a land with an area of 18,000 square meters under the brand name in Indis. The Grands brand is known by the slogan “The taste of Grandis is the taste of health”. Grandis Factory is the first producer of flakes, granules, garlic powder and shallots, which has more than twenty-five years of brilliant experience in the production of food products: pickles, pickles, dried vegetables, spices and garlic and shallot products, including garlic powder, slices and granules. And shallots are industrially ready to help the dairy, protein, canning, food, and even pharmaceutical industries, and are still unrivaled in quantity and quality. All products have a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Industries and Mines. One of the most important features of Grandis food products is the very good quality of raw materials and various packaging according to the tastes of consumers.

Observance of hygienic rules and principles is one of the inseparable and main criteria of product production. Applying the basic principles and adhering to national and international standards for food production is one of the main indicators and underlying principles of Grandis Company to produce products with the desired quality.

With the passage of time and passing through the early years of activity and the pride of producing desirable and worthy products for domestic consumer markets, the idea of achieving international consumer markets and exporting Grandis products, convinced us to take action to enjoy this privilege. Let’s start. To achieve this goal, we must produce products that, in addition to having the national standard of Iran, which was the only sign of our quality approval at the time, also attached international standards and certificates to the mark of the national standard of Iran in addition to receiving Licensing to export their products to international markets, domestic consumers will also enjoy better products.

After that, the production of products in compliance with the principles of ISO 9001 standards from QMS company in Italy, Iranian standard and food and drug standard license from the Ministry of Health and the global halal mark played a significant role in optimizing the activity and promoting the position of Grandis. Due to its high quality, Grandis products have a history of exporting to Western and European countries such as Canada, the United States, France and Germany, as well as the countries bordering the Persian Gulf and Iraq.

  • For many years, Grandis has been selected as a model unit of superior provincial and national quality and has received plaques and statues.
  • Existence of a fully updated and equipped laboratory according to the latest ISO 22000 guidelines and HACCPspecifications are other features of Grandis. Which has led regulatory agencies such as the Department of Health and Standards to introduce it as a model for new factories.
  • License to establish all kinds of sauces and vinegar has been received and preparations have been made to set up a vinegar line.
  • The factory has warehouses for raw materials, consumables and products, which are equipped with industrial shelves.
  • The products are distributed in two forms: sale of contraindications for factories and sale of capillaries for household consumption.